Perfect interpretation of rare and beautiful, Alice ALICE with a new masterpiece shining New York Fashion Week


Brought together the top designers, fashion celebrities in the spring and summer of 2018 Fashion Week on September 8 officially grand opening! This prestigious super fashion festival attracted the world's top stars from the show, witness the birth of the world's latest trend.  for a time to become the stars of the luxury of the bucket show!

Show field, for us to bring unparalleled wonderful lineup and worthy of attention wonderful moments. Here, the designer seems to have a constant source of inspiration, the art, culture and business brought about by the impact of the design. Has a bright spot of fashion show more emphasis on fashion trends and luxury jewelry with exquisite, masters jewelry design will be integrated in the overall style of the work, so that the shape of a more flexible and elegant, bright and colorful. The  Fashion Week, as the official invited brand Alice shines landing T station, with the global jewelry design master for the  Fashion Week special creation, help fashion creative works perfect expression, much fashion industry attention and praise!

(ALICE JEWELRY) based on Western art as a foundation, noble and elegant atmosphere, highly artistic and unique works and passionate skills, make it a superior quality of the classic Symbolic. It will be a glorious history and a high degree of respect for art engraved with a deep imprint, and constantly strive for the ultimate process, to the unprecedented modern class tribute. Alice JEWELRY brings together the world's leading design masters, the natural and architectural landmark elements in the determined design. Bold and brilliant multi-creation, enjoy the elegant feelings of urban life. to show the world the charm of youth and passion, showing extraordinary aesthetic aesthetic content, chanting to the beauty of love story TheToday let us focus on the  Fashion Week stage, zoom out those exciting details of it!
European famous jewelry design master MARIKA to transcend the border design for the world's top jewelry company praised, unique creative sought after by the public and consumers in the international jewelry industry to enjoy the "flower" reputation. MARIKA series inspired by the pride of women, is the natural and female body lines naturally intertwined with the crystallization of the modern expression of sexy design, with natural gem colors and shapes, full of passion and romance. MARIKA series cleverly will K gold, diamonds clever fusion, full of fashion. The use of superb jewelry production technology, pure hand to build. Full range of products vivid, feminine, tension, hand-built K gold texture full, and thin, comfortable to wear. Design inspiration from the life of women, charming, such as flowers, freedom, such as feathers, purely water, strong and independent. Each side of the flow of different light, projected in the jewelry, embellishment of the brilliant moments of women, so that the ups and downs between the gestures as the flow of life as dynamic and unique charm.
"Calla Alice" Antwerp jewelry family descendants, Alice jewelry international brand designer Shraddha Mehta design, inspired by the European bride's hand holding flower horseshoe lotus, jewelry into the vitality and good meaning, in the uncompromising attention to love Of the girl, showing the faith of this faithful love. Calla's loyalty will be accompanied by lovers, hand in hand into the marriage hall, happy life. Calla Alice series of witnesses to witness each section of the unswerving love.

Calla · Alice series modeling Smart, decorated with dazzling drop-shaped diamond. It uses a sharp contrast to K yellow, platinum to bring out the dazzling light of diamonds, like bathing the first ray of sunshine in the morning. Series of products will be pure geometric shapes and arc combination for the horseshoe lilian outline beauty, wonderful only Qiao. ALICE JEWELRY courage to open up, adhere to the eternal pursuit of the ultimate process, the original "hidden mosaic" technology. Hidden complex mosaic, there is no fixed gold claws, the use of grooves and braces made of natural diamonds made of jewelry so beautiful beauty can be presented.


Internationally renowned designer Ye Moujiang's top masterpiece, the current Alice jewelry brand designer, the original Tiffany jewelry company (Tiffany & Co.), jewelry identification division, Tiffany  headquarters only American Chinese designers.
For the love of coronation, is the ritual of each other's life, the other half of the trust, responsibility, and the determination of power, there is no lack of romance and loyalty to the eternal meaning of the marriage of diamonds long. At this point, a thousand words into the power of this love, commitment to spend the old, with the rest of his life the most lively confession.
This piece of the crown for the elements of the design of the wedding ring, into the only life of the design concept for the modern independent women declared love sovereignty, a symbol of the royal family's honor and power, with the supreme love, become each other's love, blooming elegant And the unique light. Crown mosaic shiny big carat diamond, surrounded by stars decorated with stars, like the Queen dancing as beautiful and confident, the perfect show gas field. Simple and elegant design style, custom for the dream wedding, the achievements of the Queen's dream.
Alice insists on the bold frontier concept, constantly drawing on the natural art of fashion inspiration, with the ultimate craft to create unique works of ingenuity, by virtue of the perfect wearing feelings, strong decorative, beautiful design and multi-suit applicability, access to international fashion tide People sought after and love, in the star-studded  T stage shine!