Paris cutting-edge jewelry designer
In addition to inspiration from life sentiment, travel adventure,
Also often inspired by the ancient wisdom of China,
Also like to integrate a variety of materials into the design,
Also unusual love in the body jewelry design.
Lilishi (Shi Xiaoyu) After graduating from high school in the romantic capital of Paris, France to learn.
Received a Bachelor of Business Administration, a master's degree in luxury management,
13 years won the NGTC gem identification expert qualification certificate, 14 years won the senior jewelry designer registration professional qualification certificate,
The metal craft of contemporary jewelry. Is the vice president of Sino-French cultural media association, art jewelry jewelry ADABJ Association,
Has been shortlisted ttf sheep birthday show and many other awards,
She designed jewelry works have been invited to participate in small charitable jewelry auction and invited foreign movie stars to wear.
Proficient in the Book of Changes, can bring her endless stream of design inspiration, most of her works have Chinese ancient cultural characteristics.
Ghostly she also likes to design some small organs in the jewelry, so that the United States more of a mysterious and wisdom.